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The Mission of KendallWatch is to promote a clean, safe and strong community and to bring factual information to residents regarding topics or events that impact our area. KendallWatch is a not for profit Community Action Organization and Block Watch.

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Posted on : May 1, 2016 Updated on : May 1, 2016 in: Website .

Please follow this link for the latest information regarding the Trails

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Tips for Landlords - Preventing Drug Labs On Your Property

Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Tips, Website .

*Small changes can protect your investment.

The Costs are huge  

*When drug criminals operate out of rental property, owners pay a high price:

  • Loss or rent
  • Civil penalties
  • Damaged property
  • Decline in property values
  • Dangerous, threatening tenants
  • Resentful and angry neighbors
  • Loss of valued tenants


Over half of the residential drug labs are found on rental property.

Property owners are responsible for decontamination costs.

Decontamination costs average $6,500 for a 1200 square foot home.

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Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Tips, Website .

Take note of the following characteristics, so you can report to 9-1-1 and make documentation of your own to keep.

Race or Ethnicity
Age (approximate

Complexion - light, dark, ruddy, etc.
Eye Color (if possible)
Hair - color, length, thick, thin, balding, full, facial hair, etc.

Height - estimate in two inch blocks, 5' 8" - 5" 10"
Weight - estimate in blocks of 20 pounds, 180-200 lbs.
Build - large, medium, small, stocky, thin, etc.

Distinguishing Features - tattoos, scars, eyeglasses, teeth, jewelry, etc.

Clothing - type, color, style, (start at the top and work down).
Direction of Travel

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9-1-1 How Calls Receive Priority

Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Tips, Website .

Critical - Immediate
Crime in progress, serious threat to life, for immediate response by the nearest police unit - regardless of current assignment. *Some examples are: Stabbing, Officer down, Armed robbery, Injured persons

First Priority
Prevention of Casualty - Probability of Apprehension
Criminal act in progress with a strong probability of apprehension or the prevention of a more serious crime.
* Some examples are: All alarms, Physical altercations, Injury accidents, Suspicious persons, Vehicle prowlers

Immediate Dispatch
Incidents where there is a threat of violence or injury, opportunity exists for police action to prevent a more serious situation. *
Some examples are: Physical disturbances, Verbal disputes ...

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Please visit our Face Book Page

Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Website .

Please visit our Face Book page at:

Click LIKE if you wish!
Send the information to friends, relatives and neighbors who might benefit.

Thank you so much for supporting the KendalWatch web site and the Face Book page.
Both are run by 3 volunteers.

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Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Website .

The following information is for all areas and especially to those who live in rural areas with outside mail boxes and where parcels are left on front steps or porches. Make arrangements for a friend to retrieve your parcel upon delivery if you are going out from your residence for a few hours. Take precautions.


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Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Website .

Please call 911 for Emergencies

Neighborhood Deputy J. Loreen can be reached at 360-778-6753
E-mail address:

Please note that Deputy Loreen covers the Columbia Valley. 
(Kendall, the Paradise Lakes Community, the Peaceful Valley Community and Campers Paradise) and including Maple Falls.

You will find the contact numbers under Important Numbers


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Whatcom County Sheriff's Office Activity Reports

Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Web Links .

Starting August 28th, 2015
The Whatcom County Sheriff's Office reports that they will now be posting activity reports to the County website.
This is the link:

They expect that they will be posted several times a week covering time frames for the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)  and weekdays (Monday and Tuesday) and (Wednesday and Thursday).

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9-1-1 Wireless Phone Calls in the Wilderness

Posted on : April 9, 2016 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Tips, Website .

Who Will I Reach?

  1. You need to know that wireless phone service may not be available in the wilderness.
  2. If service is available, your 9-1-1 call for help will be picked up by the nearest cellular tower in the most direct line of sight to your location. It could be picked up at a county 9-1-1 center, by State Patrol dispatch, or even by the Canadian authorities. Since these call answering centers are all located outside the boundaries of the calling area, they would have no way of knowing from where you are calling unless you tell them.
  3. Be prepared ...

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Posted on : May 13, 2015 Updated on : April 9, 2016 in: Web Links .

For information on this exciting design workshop please go to this link

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