What can I do about Drugs & Drug Houses?

Posted on : March 19, 2013 Updated on : March 19, 2013 in: Drug Education .

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Chemical odors coming from the house, garbage or a detached  building.
  • Garbage containing numerous bottles, containers, and materials such as  those mentioned earlier in other articles.
  • Coffee filters, bed sheets or other material stained from filtering red  phosphorus or other chemicals. 
  • Occupant sets his garbage for pick-up in another neighbor's collection area. 

There are actions that "you" as a private citizen can take to ensure methamphetamine manufacturing and drug dealing is not occurring in your neighborhood.

  • If there is a life threatening emergency situation - please call 9-1-1
  •  If you observe unusual activity of a non-emergency nature.. please report your concerns to the Drug Task Force.

What to expect when you call the Drug Task Force:  

  • Your call will be answered by a recorded message.
  • Please state your name, address, telephone number, and pertinent details of the drug activity you are reporting. 

Be patient....you will receive a call back from a Drug Task Force member within a week.

NEVER CONFRONT YOUR NEIGHBOR with your suspicions, enter a suspected lab or put yourself in danger of health effects from chemicals.

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