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How to Describe a Vehicle when calling 9-1-1

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Train yourself to notice the following details and remember CYMBAL:

C:  Color - include dark or light in your description.

Y:  Year   - estimated

M:  Make - foreign or American-made, Honda, Ford, Volvo, etc.
     Model - Honda Civic, Accord; Ford Mustang, Taurus, etc.

B:  Body Type - sedan, two door, convertible, truck, station wagon, van, etc.

A:  Additional Features - damage, dangling muffler, custom paint job, etc.

L:  License Number - speciify the state of origin

   Direction of Travel
Example: A red, late model, Dodge station wagon, Washington license plate number, ABC !23, with a large dent in the rear bumper, heading west on South 9th from ...

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