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KendallWatch "Keys To Success" Part #1

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Communication among members of KendallWatch is the key to a successful group.
Each member acts as an important link to the organization.
A phone tree or e-mail contact helps neighbors communicate about neighborhood activities and share important information.

Between our website and face book page we keep the information flowing.

KendallWatch is gratified in knowing we have active members who are diligent, trust worthy and dedicated.



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"KendallWatch Community Action Group And Block Watch - Why Organize?

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The best crime prevention device ever invented is a good neighbor.

Joint organized efforts are more effective than individual efforts.

There are more citizens than there are law enforcement officers.

Citizens become an extension of the law enforcement agencies' eyes and ears.

Through citizens' involvement the community is provided with unlimited availability of local neighbors to watch their neighborhood for suspicious activies or crime.

A Neighborhood Block Group against drugs, gangs and violence is not a group of people taking the law into their own hands. Nor do Neighborhood Block Group members take the place of law enforcement officers in ...

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