9-1-1 How Calls Receive Priority

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Critical - Immediate
Crime in progress, serious threat to life, for immediate response by the nearest police unit - regardless of current assignment. *Some examples are: Stabbing, Officer down, Armed robbery, Injured persons

First Priority
Prevention of Casualty - Probability of Apprehension
Criminal act in progress with a strong probability of apprehension or the prevention of a more serious crime.
* Some examples are: All alarms, Physical altercations, Injury accidents, Suspicious persons, Vehicle prowlers

Immediate Dispatch
Incidents where there is a threat of violence or injury, opportunity exists for police action to prevent a more serious situation. *
Some examples are: Physical disturbances, Verbal disputes, Threats, Some property crimes

Prompt Dispatch
Dispatch as promptly as possible from available units. When appropriate, reports may be taken through the Alternate Response Unit (ARU) via telephone and officers respond to the scene if requested.
*Some examples are: Minor thefts, Vandalism, Violation of court orders, Non-violent crime, Suspicious activity

Non-Emergency - Nuisance Complaints
Dispatch as Available
*Some examples are: Noise, Parties, Minor disturbances, Disorderly conduct






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