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Posted on : Aug. 12, 2013 Updated on : Aug. 12, 2013 in: Deputy's Page .

The Washington State legislature can’t agree on most issues. They did agree to pass over 300 laws/amendments. Most of the laws are obscure and don’t affect the average citizen. There are some laws that you should be aware of. The following laws took effect and/or were amended recently:

RCW 46.20.020 Electronic Proof of Driver’s Insurance:
Drivers in Washington are now able to show proof of insurance via a smart phone or electronic media device.
Rather than carrying a paper copy driver’s can display electronic proof such as a pdf file or photo ...

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Crime Prevention and Community Involvement

Posted on : May 28, 2013 Updated on : May 28, 2013 in: Deputy's Page .

Multiple studies have shown community involvement is the key to crime prevention and deterrence. Statistics for the east county area over the past 10 years show a significant drop in crime rates. The drop can be directly correlated to KendallWatch and community involvement. Without citizen tips and community involvement the crime rate would increase. Quite often the same suspicious activities or similar crimes are happening in more than one location. Citizens may think the crime is not significant and don’t report. What seems small to an individual is one piece of a larger puzzle affecting the whole community. The ...

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