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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Block Watch objectives?

Posted on : Sept. 3, 2017 Updated on : Sept. 3, 2017 in: FAQ, Website .

To reduce the incidence of crime by:

  • Increasing citizen's awareness of neighborhood crime through a continuing information process.
  • Teaching citizens the means to more effective property security.
  • Assisting citizens in the development of a neighborhood action program where mutual aid is the key.
  • Educating citizen's so they will recognize and report suspicious activity in their community.
  • Encouraging an effective working relationship between law enforcement and the organized community.

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"KendallWatch Community Action Group And Block Watch - Why Organize?

Posted on : July 8, 2013 Updated on : July 19, 2013 in: FAQ .

The best crime prevention device ever invented is a good neighbor.

Joint organized efforts are more effective than individual efforts.

There are more citizens than there are law enforcement officers.

Citizens become an extension of the law enforcement agencies' eyes and ears.

Through citizens' involvement the community is provided with unlimited availability of local neighbors to watch their neighborhood for suspicious activies or crime.

A Neighborhood Block Group against drugs, gangs and violence is not a group of people taking the law into their own hands. Nor do Neighborhood Block Group members take the place of law enforcement officers in ...

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Who do I call for water related questions or problems?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : March 19, 2013 in: FAQ .

In the Paradise area please call:

Columbia Valley Water District #19 - Office: 360-599-1699 

Emergency problems  (after regular office hours) Pagers: 360-714-3558 or 360-714-3733

In the Peaceful Valley area please call:

Whatcom County Water District #13 - Office: 360-599-1801

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Who do I call to remove used appliances?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : March 18, 2013 in: FAQ .

Appliance Depot .. please call: 360-527-2646
Appliance Depot (Formerly - Re-Use Works) is a nonprofit training business. The company will continue to take in unwanted appliances and try to refurbish them before selling them back to the community.

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Has my stolen property been recovered?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : June 30, 2013 in: FAQ .

If you think the Sheriff's department might have recovered your stolen property you can call the Sheriff's records division at 360-676-6652.
Explain to them what you want and they will try to assist you.

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Will I be called if my stolen property is found by the Sheriff's Department?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : March 18, 2013 in: FAQ .

YES ... If you reported the item stolen and it is recovered you will be called by a Deputy. You must be able to identify the item in regard to markings, color, brand, serial numbers, etc.

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Who do I call regarding poisons?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : June 3, 2013 in: FAQ .

Please call the: Poison Information Center at 1-800-222-1222 or 1-800-732-6985

In case of an Emergency call 9-1-1

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Who do I call if I require a MEDIATOR to help resolve issues?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : March 18, 2013 in: FAQ .

 Help is available at the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center. The Center has a proven track record in helping to resolve conflict.

The issues the center covers are: Family, neighborhood, end of life, victim/offender, youth, divorce/property settlement, anti-harassment, community justice, commercial claims, workplace or small claims issues.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Friday, 10 am- 5pm

Street and Mailing Address:
13 Prospect Street, Suite 201,
Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: 360/676-0122
Fax:     360/676-0783



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How can i help?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : June 3, 2013 in: FAQ .

What can I do to assist or improve our community?

By being aware of actions and activities around us. Basically, anything that seems even slightly "out of place" or that is occurring at an unusual time of day could be criminal activity.

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What is KendallWatch?

Posted on : March 18, 2013 Updated on : March 18, 2013 in: FAQ .

Who are we and what are we all about?

We are a community action group and block watch and work between law enforcement and the people in the community.

  • A program designed to enhance neighborhood security.
  • Organized to heighten community observation.
  • A total effort to encourage mutual assistance among neighbors

It is only when people take action together that changes can be made!


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