Drugs and Crime 

Links relating to drugs and crime and the prevention of each.

 Drug Abuse

Addiction Center is a very informative website about all kinds of drug and addictions. Browse through valuable recovery and prevention information and learn how to regain control of your life.

Mind over matter

National Institute on Drug Abuse · National Institutes of Health. The Brain's response to Methamphetamine and other drugs. This site is designed for grades 5 through 9, is well done and very useful....*please share it with your children.

Montana Methamphetamine Project

WHAT IS THE MONTANA METH PROJECT? The Montana Meth Project is a large-scale exercise in prevention, aimed at significantly reducing Meth use in Montana. The integrated program consists of an ongoing, research-based marketing campaign—supported by community outreach and public policy initiatives—that realistically and graphically communicate the risks of methamphetamine to the youth of Montana. *Warning: Adult supervision is suggested for younger viewers due to the graphic nature of the videos and ads.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Washington State

Helps those challenged by drug and alcohol addiction. Both links are helpful: www.Rehabs.com specifically http://www.rehabs.com/local/washington/ as this page provides pertinent information related to rehabilitation clinics in various cities of Washington.

Street Drugs

Partners in Education. This site lists the current drug trends, types, effects and locality for the users. Additionally there are many helpful links to government agencies online.


Teen Help is a website for all teens, parents, and professionals. We include information on parenting teenagers, troubled teens, teen issues, treatment programs, and other related topics. Our site features a unique newsletter, articles, and a full glossary of terms. We will be launching a parent support forum as well as a teen discussion forum.